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This Academy is a very relaxing academy with a surprise duel team at the ready.
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 Rules to Challenge Leaders of the Dorms

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Anubis of the Chronic

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PostSubject: Rules to Challenge Leaders of the Dorms   10/7/2010, 7:43 pm

Leaders will be in charge of running the Dorm as they see fit, within academy rules. They can add a sub-leader, etc.

Challenges for Leadership of Dorm must be answered, within 1 week.

Challengers have the right to ask for a challenge at any time. A member that has challenged for leadership will have to wait 1 month before asking for another challenge.

Challenge Duels will be best 2/3.

If the duel counts for points will be decided by the leader and the challenger. The winner, if it was the challenger must submit a screen shot and add if it was considered a duel for points as well. If it was the Leader, he also has to post a screen shot, but only if the duel was for points.

If you have asked for a challenge and didn't get an answer right away, please don't get impatient, leaders have other things to do as well. If you did not get an answer for your challenge within a week please let the moderator in charge of that section of forum to resolve the situation.

If you successfully win against the dorm leader post the following in your dorm room intro:

"I (Fill in Blank) responsibly take on the privilege of (Dorm name) Dorm Leadership and that i will participate actively on Chronic Number Duel Academy,as well as vow to try to the best of my power to keep those of my dorm active and proud that they are in my dorm. I also understand that if I am to be challenged to Dorm Leadership, I will accept the challenge and if i fail to maintain the leadership I will willingly give the title " (Dorm Name) Dorm Leader " to whomever has honorably beaten me. I also understand if i am inactive for longer then a month then i may be relieved as Dorm Leader.

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Rules to Challenge Leaders of the Dorms
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