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This Academy is a very relaxing academy with a surprise duel team at the ready.
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 the big phony thing.

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Slifer Dorm
Slifer Dorm

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PostSubject: the big phony thing.   1/11/2011, 9:49 am

you locked the topic so i made a new one (i am very sorry for the spam but i need to post on it and its locked).

Proof is simple and easy. In WNA academy we discovered this guy and he left at once ! he didnt even say he is leaving he made a second account before leaving but we traced his IP...

I have the real proof which is the real life misstaylor and i have her as facebook friend and she doesnt even know what yugioh is.

Well i know that asking from people that dont know me at all to trust my word is heavy so i cant ask you that. I cant reveal her facebook account cause she doesnt want it so i am sorry. If you trust me its ok if not its ok again and you can bring him back in this academy i wont have a problem.

I just say that if he comes back in any tour or event in the future i totally refuse to duel this person or have any kind of contact with him (chatting,dueling,arguing in a topic...etc) . I dont want sick minds around me online so thats all.

if someone can transfer this into the original big phony topic it would be nice cause i know its a spam but many things were said and i had to answer and make myself clear.
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Dark Magic

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PostSubject: Re: the big phony thing.   1/11/2011, 4:38 pm

Just with a fairness thing, you know that this person is not your friend (known to us as Misstaylor) Even if this person is included in some sort of event (most likely wont happen because it seems this person has bailed) it is up to the admins, I won't xfer this post but ill keep it open for 1 day then if not already locked i will do it. Sorry that things came out like this Goku

Always look after those below you, because they could be your superior some day - Cadet Airmen 1st Class (me)

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the big phony thing.
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