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This Academy is a very relaxing academy with a surprise duel team at the ready.
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Welcome to the Chronic Numbers Duel Academy.
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 Rules by Brettbstock

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Anubis of the Chronic

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PostSubject: Rules by Brettbstock   11/4/2010, 8:10 pm

Building an Army

At the start of the event, there will be a tournament. If you want a
chance to lead a team in these battles, you should join it. The tournament
will decide who the Champions of each group is. The Champion is the leader
of his/her team. He/She will make the improtant decisions througout the
event, such as where to move their team for that round.
If you did not win the tournament, or did not join, you still have a chance to
be in the event. Each player who wants to join will start an application thread
in the Forum Section, stating why you think you would be good on a team.
The Champions will choose 4 other players for their team. (This number
may increase as new members join) After all teams are full, the game will begin.

The Battlefield

There will be a sticky topic in the Event forum with a picture of the battlefield
on it. Each day (or round) the Champions will move their team up to 2 spaces in
any direction. This is done by sending a PM to the event organizer about where
they want their team to move. Each space will have a separate HAM room. When
a team is on a space, they are given the HAM room and password. After the team's
members have logged on, that space is declared 'inhabited'. If 2 teams land on
the same space at the end of a round, a battle happens at that space.
If a battle happens, a bracket will be posted on the forum section. A tournament
will then take place. Matchups will be members from one team against members
from another. Whichever team the winning member belongs to, wins. If 2
teammates are paired against each other, only 1 can go on. The Champion makes
the decision about who that should be.


After a battle, the winning team inhabits that space.
Life Points
Each team starts the game with 100 life points. At the end of a battle, Life
Points will be subtracted from the losing team's total. You lose 10x the number
of matches lost in a battle at the end of the battle. You gain life points at the
end of every round equal to the number of spaces you inhabit x5.
Team Member Jobs
Champion: The leader of the team. He/she makes important decisions about the team
Scout: The Scout can pay 5 of the team's life points to see where the enemy is on the board.
Warrior: The warrior takes 5 less life point damage from losses, and gains 5 extra for wins.
2 of the members get no bonus.

There are a few ways to win this event.
1. Be the last team standing. (Reduce the Life Points of all other teams to 0)
2. Capture all spaces (Have all spaces inhabited by your team)
3. Capture the enemy Starting Point, and Keep it for 5 Turns
(Capture the space that the opposing team started the game
on, and keep it inhabited by your team for 5 turns)

The Fine Points:

The team that wins recieves the following prizes
Champion: 3000 CN points, and a Grand Champion Rank Bar
Team Member: 2000 CN points, and a Master Rank Bar

What happens if I land on a space inhabited by the opposing team?
Your Team inhabits the space.

What happens if a player is inactive during a round?
The team that the player is on does one of the following:
Moves 1 space away from the battlefield with no penalty, aside
from the other team inhabiting the space,
Reduce their Life Points by 5, and ignore the match that the player was in
if this is the first time the member has been gone, you do not have to pay
5 Life Points to ignore his/her match.


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Obelisk Dorm Leader
Obelisk Dorm Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Rules by Brettbstock   11/8/2010, 4:31 pm

If anyone has any questions regarding the rules, please feel free to send me a PM, or post it here

Tonight, I will attempt to go back in time. You will know I have succeeded when Germany loses World War 2, and Tuesday comes before Wednesday.

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Rules by Brettbstock
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